Kretsis Dimitris

He was born in Athens in 1972. He has his native land from Kleisoramata and Aggelion Aggelion, with Evritania. Dimitris’ grandfather was assassinated during the civil war, he was engaged in agricultural activities like his grandfather Thanassis Kaplanis and his father alongside the trade. His brothers Thanasis, George and Haralambos, painters. Members of the wider family have been and are mainly hagiographers, typists, artists. He did his enrolled studies in Agrinio, as well as studies in graphic arts and technology at TEI. He obtained his diploma from the School of Fine Arts. He taught in painting, photography and hagiography next to Papaspyros, Sakellion, Mytaras and Arvanitis. He was trained with the Erasmus programs in Anatomy and Fresh in Madrid. He has studied in depth a multitude of classical and modern artworks in the museums of Europe and New York. He has been working since 1990. Together with his brothers Thanasis, Giorgos and Charalambos Kretsis, he is a co-creator of a specialized fresco workshop. Their works are in private and business premises and in well-known luxury hotels in the country. Among other things, they have implemented the idea of ​​Dyrer’s “Praying Hands” on the blind wall of Hotel “VIENNA”, on Piraeus Street. This is a pictorial proposal by Mr. Pavlos Tsakonas, from the action “Visual Interventions in the Public Urban Area, Painting in Blind Views of Buildings”, “Athens-Attica 2014” program. His art focuses mainly on imperialistic elements with realism and mainly allegorical significance.