Kouvatsou Despina

Curriculum vitae
Despina Kouvatsou was born in Piraeus.
During the 80s she made free painting studies at the workshop of Nikos Vlachogiannis and later near Angelos. In 1998 she attended jewelry & micro sculpture classes. Her works are in municipal galleries in Corfu, Lefkada, Bulgaria and in private collections in Greece, in the Ion Iorra Museum, as well as abroad. He is a member of the Visual Arts Chamber of Greece (EETE). He lives and works in Athens.
1986 Literary club “Parnassos”.
1988 Sofia, Bulgaria.
1989 Haskovo and Harmli, Bulgaria.
1990 Intellectual Center of Athens.
1991 Art Gallery of the Municipality of Lefkada.
1993 “Brown Show”, Athens.
1994 Art Gallery Markas, Lefkada.
1995 “Trident cars”, N. Erythrea.
1996 Art Gallery of N. Psychiko.
1999 Brown Art “Michael & Georgiou Palace”
2001 “Prismas” Art Gallery, Livadia.
2002 “The Gallery”, Kolonaki.
2006 “Sapphous Art Space 196”, Kallithea.
2011 “Argo Gallery”, Kolonaki.
2011 “Korakas Gallery”, Rhodes.
1985 Literary Association “Parnassos”, Athens.
1987 Pan-Hellenic Exhibition “Parnassos” where he was awarded a prize.
1990 Intellectual Center of Athens. Members’ report “Skekel Apellis”.
1993 Gallery “Thelgo”, Piraeus.
1994 Foyer of the Municipal Theater of Pireaus.
1994 Art Exhibitions ’94, Thessaloniki.
1995 Marke Art Gallery, Lefkada.
1996 Art Gallery Marka, Lefkada.
1996 Wigmore Fine Arts – London.
1997 Wigmore Fine Arts – London.
1999 Gallery 4, Chalkida.
2001 Trigono Art Gallery, Kifissia.
2006 Mary Alexiou – Athens Art Space.
2006 Municipal Gallery “Laskaridou” “The Artists of Kallithea 1”.
2007 Divani Caravel “Painting for Life”.
2009 Municipal Gallery “Laskaridou” «The Artists of Kallithea 2».
2009 Art Center Pantazidis “Nature … Plus … Mutation 2009”.
2009 Art Center-Freedom Park “Blue Aegean 2009”.
2009-10 City of Athens «Technopolis» Gazi & EETE “The Human Form in Art”.
2010 “Aenaon” Art Gallery, Athens “All Right …”.
2010 City of Athens “Technopolis” Gazi “Tracing Constantinople”.
2011 The Museum of Vorre – Peania “The Artists for the Vorres Museum”.
2011 Athens Fringe Festival, Technopolis of the Municipality of Athens, Gazi.
2011 Art Center of Kastela, Piraeus Visual Art “Crisis? Which crisis !!!”.
2011 4th Bazaarts Exclusive, Technopolis of the Municipality of Athens, Gazi.
2011 Argo Gallery, Kolonaki “Christmas Exhibition”.