Koukopoulos Stathis


He was born in Chaeronea in 1968. He made free studies and studied the great classical and modern masters. He is a member of S.K.E.T.K.E. His works can be found in private collections in Greece and abroad.

Group Exhibitions
1988: “Polemiko” Museum, Athens
1999: “Tholoto” Museum Krias, Levadia
2002: Raryti Gallery, Mykonos
2003: “Prisma” Gallery, Livadia
2003: Art Spece Gallery, Santorini
2004: Art Spece Gallery, Santorini
2004: Municipal Theatre, Lamia
2005: Cultural Center (Melina), Athens
2005: Art Spece Gallery, Santorini
2005: Ersi Gallery, Athens
2005: Center for Arts-Cultural Organization, Municipality of Athens

Solo Exhibitions
2002: Prisma Gallery, Livadia
2006: Ersi Gallery, Athens