Ananidas Costas

He has born in Athens in1964.
Graduated of Highest School of Fine Arts (Athens 1983-1988).
Scholarship for farther education in Greece (1992-1995).
Member of Visual Arts Chamber of Greece.
Most important participations of group exhibitions:
2001: “month of visual arts” , municipal art center of Athens –
           Visual Arts Chamber of Greece
2009: “the human figure in art”, municipal art center of Athens-
           Visual Arts Chamber of Greece
2010: “about heroes…” municipal gallery of Kalamata
           Curator: Iris Kritikou
2010: group interference of 24 artists in Benaki museum (central building)
           Curator: Manos Stefanides
2010: “figurative art” municipal art center of Athens
           Curator: Iris Kritikou
2011: “self-portraits’ group exhibition”, Gavras gallery, Athens
One man show exhibitions:
1994:  “Maria Papadopoulos” gallery- Athens
2001: “ekfrasi” gallery, Glyfada- Athens
2005: “ekfrasi-yianna grammatopoulou” gallery, Athens
2010: “ekfrasi-yianna grammatopoulou” gallery, Athens
2011: “HMAR”, Mykonos
2012: “HMAR”, Mykonos
There are many of his works (sculptures, paintings & drawings) in private collections.
In 2009 he has made the “Nike Award” after commission of Athens Information Technology University.
He has installed monumental sculptures in several public spaces in Greece as the
“war heroes” (2006) monument in central square of Sparta and the “tribute of the wife of seafarer” (2008) in Galaxidi and the bust of Nikos Vernikos Eugenides in island of Sifnos.
Awarded (as 1st, 2nd &3rd) in sculpture competitions all over the Greece since 2005.
Teaching “free hand” drawing and “decorative applications” in AKTO since 1996.
Reviews, interviews and presentations of his work had published in many newspapers and magazines in Greece also in Internet.

  ”  Over the last of 3000 years, in the geographical territory that is broadly defined as the Mediterranean region, and especially in Greece, there have been created seminal works of sculpture modeled on the human body, and more particularly the naked human body. Perhaps the climate and the ample sunlight in the area may be the reasons why nature in its most basic form was so adored.
    I try to develop as an artist respectfully following this anthropomorphic, human-centred tradition. Since my apprenticeship in the School of Fine Arts, the nude has been a constant topic in my artistic quests. Studying the nude is a form of habit, an inexhaustible source of inspiration, and also what holds my work together conceptually. I always collaborate with a live model. Sometimes the model “leads” me to the idea of a work while at others my selection of the model is determined by a preformed idea or image in my head.
    My themes are usually symbolic images of heroes from Greek mythology who have exerted a huge fascination on me since childhood. And as time proceeds, the fascination and admiration I feel for those mythical heroes get enhanced because I discover that myth is not merely an aesthetic approach to natural phenomena but much more than that. The mythical hero embodies existential questions and symbolizes the effort humans to transcend their boundaries.
Costas Ananidas