Ian Edwards

Ian Edwards
Sculptures of Meaning

Ian Edwards’ works express creativity, insights, and truth; the purpose of each piece is to capture the pinnacle moments of life’s journey. At the cornerstone of the artist’s works is the endeavour of the human spirit.

The series expresses Edwards life’s beckoning; through reflecting the need of each individual to find their life’s calling, using “inspirational sculptures which resonate with that which is at the human core”.

Early Life
Taking the Leap of Faith

The seed, “to create sculptures, sculptures of meaning, sculptures which speak of our highest aspirations…” grew within Edwards from an early age. From 7 Edwards knew he would be a sculptor. The young Edwards began to develop and nurture his own humanity through self-expression, via creativity. At 16 Edwards was spotted by the renowned G&H studios, with whom he completed a 5 year apprenticeship, of 16th – 18th c. ornamental wood carving.

During this time an instinctive pull grew within; Edwards was drawn away from this exacting discipline, towards expressing himself within the medium of sculpture. Taking the Leap of Faith, the exquisite techniques of the discipline were adapted within his own newly founded studio, and the sculptures began to be formed.

Creation of Self
Inspire your highest calling

Edwards sees his sculptures placed within the private and public spheres; to stand as symbolic monuments, to project the core values and vision, to inspire our highest calling. Eternalized in molten metal, Sculptures of Meaning.