Dimitris Korovesis

The artistic path that I keep walking, begins from my early childhood when I would copy children’s comics. Studies of Graphic design at Doxiadis’ Technological Group followed and then, at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome, besides taking painting courses, I was taught through the street life, the museums and the everyday life of the eternal city.

Later on, being absorbed by advertisement, my early visions were set aside to mature. I have designed several publications and consumer products, always aiming to satisfy the demand for an alternative suggestion. For many years I was involved as a creative director in advertising agencies and in post production as well, in computer animation, industrial design, writing texts and children’s books, editing publications, teaching graphic design.

However what has never abandoned me, is my need for personal artistic expression. Thus, I have created my own visual stories in 7 individual exhibitions, participating also in many group exhibitions.

Today I work in Athens

                                       with ADAM GALLERY,

                                       in Myconos with

                                       ARTS STUDIO GALLERY,

                                       in Santorini with

                                       ART SPACE GALLERY

                                       and in Corfu with

                                       CORFU GALLERY.