The Imar gallery is situated in the nicest square of Mykonos or the artists’ square, plenty of multicolored boucamvilia trees, making very special the place. There, in the last decade, the gallery functions with his owner Alexander Simeonidis. The style and the concept of the gallery are to promote and highlight the contemporary Greek artists, painters and sculptor, through their work.

Alexander Simeonidis is an art lover and particularly of sculpture, having indulged in the spirit of art and believes in the specific traits and grace of the Greek artists as carrying the ancient Greek sculptors’ generosity spirit of the beauty.

The subjects available in the gallery are related to the nature, to the water world, rendered in a modern expression and as for the mixing of colors, the shades of sky, of sea and nature create unexpected changes of the topics During the whole summer, operating period of the gallery, items and ideas change, giving the opportunity to art lovers or casual visitors to gain a strong experience.